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What are the challenge meals?

  • Food materials specially formulated to contain specific doses of food allergen that are undetectable by patients by flavour, aroma, texture or appearance
  • Designed for optimal blinding (determined by triangle testing) by inclusion of flavouring and texturising agents
  • Stability of the allergenic component established for peanut using state-of-the-art mass spectrometry profiling technology and in vitro measures of IgE reactivity using a serum panel from peanut allergic individuals
  • Matrix composition ensures optimal availability of the active food allergen upon consumption
  • Highly palatable for both children and adults, supporting compliance of full dose consumption
  • Shelf-life under ambient conditions of at least nine months, prior to reconstitution
  • Provides a ready-for-use solution for effective implementation of oral food challenges in a clinical environment
  • Allergen doses are verified using the most precise methodology available.
The current form of the challenge test material is being adapted from one that has been used widely for multi-centre clinical studies - including the EuroPrevall project where it was used for undertaking double blind placebo controlled food challenges for five foods, including peanuts. This represents a step-change in blinding peanut, delivering a palatable and pleasant oral food challenge material with a homogenous and consistent allergen dose.